BLDC motors (brushless DC motors) at max 3000w

We combine our extensive experience in the field of electric vehicles with state-of-the-art technology to deliver unmatched speed and power, with minimum maintenance and without compromising the size of the product.

Battery packs of max 3000Wh

Our batteries incorporate a cutting-edge BMS with CAN communication Cloud storage.  This allows for more computing power support to identify essential parameters and satisfy our thermal management requirements. The BMS communicates with the display which in turn delivers the battery diagnosis to the phone.

Software for BLDC controller and hardware controller

We implement trailblazing tech to design high-quality controllers which ensure optimal communication between the components, making our products highly responsive and easy to use.

Hardware and software for converters, chargers and other electronic subassemblies used in specialized lines, including SMT. Due to the large number of interdependent components and subassemblies found in electric vehicles, we must use the latest power processing technologies. The latest advancements in power electronics components allow us to focus on a reliability-orientated designs to satisfy the high requirements of urban driving cycles. We strive to achieve longer times between maintenance processes, close to zero early failures, and the capacity to survive potential fault events in power electronic systems.

Design and hardware for light aluminum structures for electric vehicles (with 2, 3 and 4 wheels) including more than 100 CNC. We are pioneers or ultra-portable vehicles and one of our main goals has always been to balance lightweight designs with structural safety.

Injection department for plastic parts and synthetic resins. We offer a wide range of synthetic resins and raw materials, combined with competitive prices and high-performance sollutions.

R&D department – 7500 square meters of the factory is dedicated to R&D and works here approx. 75 engineers. Here we bring to life new designs for light electric vehicles (bikes, mopeds, scooters), solar charged power bank solutions, kinetic batteries (kinetic energy storage sources) and much more. We design and build the resulting product.

Hardware and software design for IOT systems. From bridges to devices for routine and sensors and, we bring you the full range of IoT solutions that can handle multiple functions such as system activation, communication, security, support-specific goals and much more.

Our systems can be OEM or ODM.

OEMs build products based on customer-supplied designs, while ODM manufacturers design part or all the product themselves before manufacturing it for customers. Our technologies can be adapted to your plans to deliver the products that will shape the future.