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Priceless market

We were among the first manufacturers of electric scooters, so we know the market and the needs of the users better than anyone else. Our experience and our production facilities allow us to anticipate trends and adapt to the particularities of each market.


Features that make
the difference

There are countless electric scooters on the market so it’s ok to ask yourself what E-TWOW brings to the table. Well, we created the most portable scooters (fully foldable and lightweight) and packed them with enough torque to travel any city road. What more could one ask from an urban scooter?


Positive brand

E-TWOW is a world-renowned brand that produces high-quality scooters and components. Become our partner and gain recognition as a trader of high-quality products.



Our main products are electric scooters. Still, our mechanical and electrical engineering expertise allows us to adapt to a wide range of products such as electrical bikes and mopeds, children’s vehicles, water vehicles, and much more.


Factory with state-of-the-art

Our factory is equipped with the latest industry tech, and we are constantly adapting and innovating to stay ahead of the trends. A second factory is soon to be finalized which will help us keep up with the growing demand for electric scooters but will also be home to several other innovative projects.



Your success makes us look good, so we are here to help you. Whether you need technical support or marketing advice, we have valuable knowledge that can help you grow your business.









Electric vehicles for everyday commute


We believe that there is an electric vehicle suitable for every person. We produce ultraportable electric scooters,
powerful dual motor scooters and long-range electric mopeds. Our electric vehicles are designed with your needs in mind!

Unlock a profitable opportunity by discovering the exciting world of
electric scooters! Request a quote today to become an electric scooter
dealer and start your journey to success.


Our factory uses cutting-edge machinery and technologies to produce core components, software and hardware for electric vehicles. We produce a wide range of components from the vehicle frame to the controller, display, motor and much more.

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360° Development services

With over 10 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and production facilities to design products from scratch or adapt our existing products to the specifications of any buyer. We have a thorough understanding of certifications for the European, Asian and American markets so we can ensure the delivery of products that can reach a global popularity.

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If you want to learn more about our products and our b2b network, use our call us or use our contact form and we will call you. We love a good business chat so we are always opened to new discussions.

Sign our dealer agreement

Our dealer agreement consists of some basic guidelines that should be followed when selling our products. Our agreement maintains a clear image of our brand and our values and it also helps you start your new business with guidelines that have been tested worldwide and have already proven their efficiency. As an official dealer, you will get several benefits such as:

  • You will get preferential prices, based on your orders
  • Our marketing team will help you with support and materials
  • You will be the first to receive news of our upcoming products and projects

Place your order

Our business relation does not end when you place the order. On the contrary, that’s when our cooperation begins. You can count on us for technical support, business advice and marketing support.

Once you receive your order, you can start selling E-TWOW product with a pre-agreed margin. Selling a world-known brand is not only reassuring to you as a business owner, but it also improves the reputation of your brand.

Why start an electric scooter business?

Electric scooters are popular in all over the world, especially in Europe and the USA. For cities they are the most efficient means of transportation. They are affordable, easy to use, you don’t pay taxes on them and they don’t require parking spaces. While trafic and gas prices are on the rise, more and more people turn to e-scooters as a transportation alternative. The e-scooter and e-bike market is expected to reach 129 million by 2028. Moreover, new markets keep emerging in Latin and North America as well as in Asia.

What do I need to know about electric scooters

As a dealer, you don’t need to know much about these products. Electric scooters are very easy to use, even if you have never used a classic kick scooter. You can count on us for technical training to be able to offer service and maintenance to your clients.

Can you sell the scooters online or do you need a physical shop?

Selling the scooters in a phisical store has a lot of advantages. For starters, people who have never used them are amazed at how easy they are to use and maneuver. It helps if your store is located in a busy area. However, E-TWOW is a very well-known brand. It can easily be sold online, as it has a very good reputation. Selling online means smaller maintenance costs for your business. You will still need a place for storing the scooters and for repairs and technical support. Selling online means that you must also have a great marketing strategy to be more visible than the competition.

What is the target market for e-scooters?

Whether you are starting this business from scratch or you are adding e-scooters in your product portfolio, it is essential to know which people are more likely to buy these products. The main market consists of commuters looking to avoid traffic in big cities or looking for a last-mile solution. The ideal customer profile is that of a man, aged 25-45 with above average income. Women represent a smaller segment but their interest in electric scooters ais rapidly growing. Women are more interested in the portable electric scooters because they weight less and are easier to maneuver.

How big is the e-scooter market?

In 2021 the electric scooter market was estimated at $67.21 billion. The market is expected to reach 70.26 billion by the end of 2022. These numbers show that e-scooters have proved that they are here to stay. More and more people are starting to recognize that they are the most efficient urban vehicles.

Understand the local market

We have an ideal customer profile, but each market can have its peculiarities. It is essential to understand the nature of your local market and its demands. This knowledge will help you find the best way to address this market and make your e-scooter or e-bike business profitable.

Find the right mix of electric vehicles

We are known all over the world for our portable electric scooters. Nonetheless, our portfolio also includes powerful dual-motor scooters, electric scooters for kids, and e-bikes. Having a mix of products in your physical or online shop helps you access a wider market. With the right products, you can address the mobility needs of each individual.

Hire a dream team

To succeed in this business you need more than just the enthusiasm of a single individual. You need an administrator, a salesperson, a technician, and a marketer. Depending on your marketing strategy and the size of your business, you can hire people full time or you can outsource some tasks.

Create a good marketing strategy

Whether you handle marketing in-house or you outsource it, allocate a suitable budget for promoting your business. We can help you with marketing materials and support. Since we are present in over 50 markets, we have a good understanding of what marketing efforts yield the best results.

Always put your customers first

We have built our reputation as a reliable e-scooter brand based on two key values: quality products and excellent customer service. We always put our relationship with our clients and our partners first and we advise you to do the same. From the moment they buy a product or place an order, customers must always feel valued by you. Respect delivery times, answer technical questions, and offer quality aftersale services. Good customer service will keep your customers coming back for more and they will bring their friends along.

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