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Ride with confidence on a sturdy, portable e-scooter

If you are looking for a dual motor scooter that will exceed your expectations, TankTorq TK5 is here to meet your wildest urban and off-road fantasies. Get ready to enjoy the torquiest ride on the best light-heavyweight electric scooter.

The TK5 dual motor electric scooter is made from the highest quality 60-61 grade aluminum. It can easily handle a max weight load of 120 kg. Moreover, it uses a state-of-the-art folding mechanism that allows you to fold/unfold in a matter of seconds. It has a highly resistant chassis and the folding mechanism is perfectly integrated into the scooter’s robust design so that you can enjoy a wobble-free ride and high speed-stability. Every component is made with performance in mind, using the highest quality materials. The components come together cohesively to deliver a stable vehicle that tempts you to push its limits. It comes in three color choices: Metallic gray-black, Caribbean blue, and Premium orange.


Max speed





60V 21Ah

IPX7 waterproof


2 x 1000W


KERS Technology

Full Color Display

Puncture-proof tires

Front and rear hydraulic shock abssorber

Enjoy high power in any setting!

TankTorq TK5 is equipped with two strong brushless 1000W motors that deliver an insane peak power of 3000W. This is the equivalent of 4 horsepower. The two motors propel the e-scooter to a max speed of 50 km/h in a matter of a few seconds. *The scooter can be electronically limited to comply with local speed regulations. The full rage of the motors will boost your ride even on steep roads with a 30 ° incline or on rough terrain.

For a customized riding experience, you can choose between three driving options: Normal, Eco or Sport. The TK5 electric scooter was designed to combine the best of two worlds: portability for urban convenience and crazy power for off-road fun.

Designed with your comfort in mind

The TK5 power beast is as comfortable as it is sturdy. It features wide ergonomic handles with rubber and leather accents which deliver an excellent grip and a refined look. The ultra-modern rubber deck ensures maximum stability and it is wide enough to allow for various riding positions. The front +back spring and adjustable hydraulic suspension deliver uncompromised shock absorption on any terrain.

For optimal comfort, the scooter is equipped with puncture-proof winter/summer tubeless tires. You get all the benefits of pneumatic tires with a lower level of puncture risk and almost zero maintenance. The tires are designed to ensure stability even in conditions of heavy usage on almost any type of terrain.

The perfect combo of tech and power

The controller is the brain of the scooter. As such, it links all the electrical components and connects all the scooter’s functions. TK5’s controller ensures optimal communication between the components, which makes the scooter highly responsive and easy to maneuver. Moreover, the sinewave controller delivers a progressive acceleration which translates into a powerful yet smooth ride. The scooter is controlled through a Super bright LED Display with many functions such as speed, battery level, odometer, trip, Bluetooth, tire failure signal, and light sight.
For optimal performance, the sinewave controller is combined with a 60V battery with high-quality cells that powers the scooter through 80 km of range. TK5 also allows you to charge on the go with the help of the regenerative EBS+ disc hydraulic electromagnetic brakes. As you decelerate, KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) recharges the battery, recovering up to 50% of the braking energy.

Safety before anything else

For increased visibility, the TK5 electric scooter is equipped with an industry-leading light system: day light, height-adjustable laser 10w front light, rear light, and brake light. They are designed to make your scooter more visible at night but also in bright and daytime conditions. All riding stats are shown on the stellar display in an easy-to-read manner. The scooter also has turn left/right turn signals which are conveniently located on the left side, near the brake and the horn. The Horn is electric and it communicates with the front light. All the cockpit buttons are very responsive and within thumb distance. For an added element of safety, you can equip the scooter with an optional mirror which will allow you to easily check around before changing directions. To ensure that you are the only one who can ride the scooter, you get a remote control with convenient key access.

All the key components have been subject to rigorous tests for optimized performance and uncompromised safety. The controller, the motor, the battery, and the light are all equipped with overtemperature protection systems. The battery also has a double BMS feature and automatic fuse protection. The best part is that all this tech is integrated within the scooter, so you get a completely cable-free riding experience.

Can a dual-motor scooter still be portable?

Portability has always been our main concern, and we don’t plan to make compromises on this matter. Since several dual motor scooters highlight the fact that they weigh no less than 40 kg, we thought we’d take it to the next level. So we produced a high-speed dual motor scooter that weighs only 32 kg.

Join our app community for the ultimate e-scooter experience

The TK5 electric scooter has a dedicated app that gives you numerous benefits. The app allows for effortless software uploads. It also gives you access to all of the scooter’s functions as well as valuable driving information such as maps, GPS, speed reports, and much more. Last but not least, the app is home to a dedicated community of e-scooter fans. Within the app, you can connect with scooter fans from all over the world, you can receive technical support and you will be informed about our latest projects and products.

*This product can only be used on racetracks and/or private property. Please follow the local traffic rules.

Additional information

Additional information


E-TWOW li-ion 60V, 15.2Ah

Max speed

70 km/h


Dual motor 2*3000W peak power


up to 80km



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